Monday, 23 February 2015

The Joint, Brixton Market

This is a rather belated post. I went on this little mission on Halloween, last year! Still I had to share this with you.

I heard about this place whilst watching one of my favourite chefs on TV. Mr Tom Kerridge. Tom and I, well, I am just really down with his way of cooking and his philosophy towards food. I have both his books and quite often just sit down to read them. The Hand and Flowers is so high on my list of places to go. So if anyone feels like making a booking (and paying) let me know. Father, realistically, I'm looking at you.

I digress... So if you cast your mind back to that gorgeous sunny October that was unseasonably hot *she types whilst wrapped in jumpers and looking out at the drizzle* thats when Tilly and I decided to make the pilgrimage down to Brixton to eat delicious food.

I have never been to Brixton before, well thats a lie, I have been once for a night out but I would pretty much class it as having been there, if you catch my drift! So Tilly and I, in shorts and t-shirts I might add, hopped in the car, put the roof down and set out screaming along to Taylor Swift. Hooray to an indian summer!!

After wandering round in a few circles we finally found our destination within the foodie wonder that is Brixton market. There were so many places I got distracted along the way!

The Joint is a simple messy affair and the brain child of Warren Dean and Daniel Fiteni. They started back in 2012 as a pop-up which then put down permanent roots in Brixton. It has done so well that they've just opened a second site in Marylebone! 

(The Brixton site has just a few tables and chairs and I hear the queue gets massive BUT the new Marylebone restaurant takes bookings!! So don't be deterred!)

All their meat is free range and from the Ginger Pig, a place I love!! 

We grabbed a table outside, we had gone later on in the afternoon so they were no queues! Huzzah, We perused the small and concise menu and came to a conclusion pretty quickly.

Soon the sticky BBQ onion rings were in front of us and it was all we could do to snap a picture before tucking into the crispy freshly fried rings. A real delight! 

 Next to arrive, wrapped in the same neat parcel were the sticky chilli riblets. These guys, I can still taste them now, the meat fell off the bones and the spice level was perfect! 

Heres a close up of these bad boys. Lunch was not a clean affair I can tell you that much! 

The stars of the show came swooping in. A monster piled high with 18 hour slow cooked pork that had melted down into a big sticky mess. I had plumped for the asian which came with ginger and chilli and the crunchiest slaw but what really made this, was the bun. Oh. My. God the bun. Freshly baked and soft as anything, I mean really. I would happily have slept on a bed of those. I mean, it wouldn't be the best bed as I would eat my way out of it.

Look how it just squidges.... 

Tilly was being all low carb and lame. I mean really a wrap? It just doesn't have the same look of awesomeness does it. She was jealous of my bun. My big pillowy bun of dreams.  

Still we couldn't fault the filling. Tilly plumped for the BBQ pork filling, both sandwiches silenced us, which no mean feat! 

^this is a 'goddamit it woman take the picture quickly I wants my food' face^

This is deceptive as it looks like a quick lunch to grab and go, but it wasn't really. I mean we started quickly but soon realised this was a marathon not a sprint but we did it. We made it to the end, we're troopers like that. *warning, you will need a nap after eating*

With our stomachs groaning we decided to have a stroll around Brixton and pick up some halloween items. Our successful afternoon down in Brixton drew to a close and we headed back up to don our cat ears and head back out for a night of mischief, but thats another story..... 

Square Meal

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