Wednesday, 1 April 2015

HotBox, Spitalfields

When Sunday rolls around and its an awful rainy and miserable day, there is no better option that heading for a long brunch with bottomless prosecco. Right?

Luckily for us there is a new gem that is just a short walk up the road from our little house. HotBox What's better is that there was no queue or standing in the rain unlike our other close brunching options at the delightful The Breakfast Club

Starting as Street Food vendors with pitches at Street Feast's Hawker House and Dalston Yard, it has now put down permanent roots. 

Chloe and I nipped over from Notting Hill to join the rest of them who were already nestled inside Hotbox with steaming cups of coffee in front of them.   

After a quick look at the menu, Chloe Maddie and I plumped for the bottomless prosecco option, at £25 it seems a bit extravagant but after learning a single glass was £9, well who drinks less than 3 glasses... right? Thats some mathematical sense I can understand! Arione and Ian were feeling slightly more delicate and decided to stick with coffee.

Our cheery waiter popped our glasses down on the table and the brunching began! 

Arione, queen of eggs benni, knew her order straight away. This came on a slab of smokey pork belly and smothered in a rich hollandaise.

Look at those eggs, it did not disappoint! 

After umming and ahhhing and trying to persuade everyone to share with me, no one was playing ball today, I opted for the stack of pancakes and bacon and immediately dumped the pot of maple syrup over the lot. The only way to eat it.

The pancakes were deliciously light and fluffy and the streaky bacon cooked to, my, total perfection!

I also opted to add a little extra of poached egg and sourdough toast on the side. 

These guys can really poach an egg!

Maddie opted for the very american fried chicken and waffle. If I'm honest, a bit like the savoury pancake the idea of a savoury waffle confuses me. But there we go. Maddie did let me have a bite of the chicken and oh my, top marks. Very very tasty! 

She ordered a side of guacamole which was so good, Id happily just have eaten the pot alone or smeared on toast.

We got a couple of mac n cheeses for the table.

They had to goo factor but if I'm honest they were a little cold. In fact thats my one complaint about the place, everything could have been hotter. Maddie had to send back a hot chocolate that was stone cold and all of our food had the feel that it had been sitting there just perhaps a touch too long.

Having said that it certainly wont stop me from going back again. Especially after seeing a woman who was sat next to us order the ribs....

As you can see there wasn't much left on our plates and we certainly got our value for money on the prosecco. So much so that I will have to admit the rest of the Sunday spiralled some what into the best kind of fun.

Hotbox has an incredible relaxed atmosphere that is lovely to sit in, its perhaps not the comfiest of places with very high stools, or perhaps very low tables. We highly enjoyed ourselves and the service was really good, whats better as well then because there wasn't a massive queue at the door you felt like you could sit and enjoy your meal at your own pace. 

Its just on our doorstep on Commercial Road just a stones throw from Spitalfields Market. Im looking forward to venturing back for a nibble at their dinner menu! They are only open for dinner Monday - Saturday but the brunch begins at 11.30am on Sunday!

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