Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Decadent Friday at the Botanist

The other Friday, Mum was up in town for work and as she had a free afternoon (and so did I, all my afternoons seem to be free) we decided to go for lunch. The rain was pretty miserable so we needed something to cheer ourselves up.

We nipped over to Sloane Square in the car and ducked into my first choice, 'Colbert' which is the latest offering by the REX group, who own The Wolseley and The Delaunay. Unfortunately everyone else thought it would be good to get out of the rain for lunch as well and there was an hour wait for a table. I don't mind waiting usually but today was not a 'waiting for a table' kind of day. So we left and headed across the road to my second choice 'The Botanist'.

This too, was packed but we had come in a gap and could get a table within 10 mins. Winning.

We were settled into the restaurant and presented with a menu that was filled with so many delights I had a hard time choosing.

We decided that starters were needed as well as mains and to cheer us up, a glass of champagne. 

We placed our order and in swooped the bread platter. Hot, crusty yet soft bread with butter. Probably one of the most irresistible things on this planet to me (then again I find a lot of things irresistible). 


The first course arrived, celeriac soup for Mother....

and steak tartar for me.

The soup was divine, really rich, creamy and warming. Im not usually a fan of celeriac but this really was good. 

The tartar was super rich, which was the raw egg yolk but the salty capers helped to cut through it. Even so, I really couldn't manage it all, I did give it my best shot though. You could have had it as a main and I wonder if they made the starter portions a little smaller it wouldn't have been so much! 

Moving on to the mains and even more rich food (I really went for it in menu choice, well done me)

Cod on wilted spinach and samphire with a mussel volute for Mum

A beautifully crispy skin with flaky well cooked cod underneath. The salty samphire was great with the creamy sauce. I may or may not have dunked a few chips in that sauce.  

Half a lobster with garlic and thyme butter for me... Mmmmmm 

I can confirm that yes, it was as good as it looks. 

Once the tail was devoured I really got down there, cracked the clawed, pulled the poor creature limb from limb and picked his shell clean. 

The meat was so fresh and dripping in butter, the chips providing perfect mopping material to make sure nothing escaped.

We were stuffed by the time our plates were clean. A truly satisfying meal. Perfect to get away from those rainy day blues. 

We finished up with a couple of cappuccinos and some chocolately treats.  

It was such a good lunch however a treat as opposed to an every day lunch spot or even an everyday dinner as it certainly isn't light on the wallet. I recommend it though if you can go, 

I hear the bar is a good cocktail spot as well! I might have to check that out another time...

Square Meal

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