Monday, 14 October 2013

Adventures in Cream. Part 1.

Cream, what a glorious ingredient. I'm not talking about when it's all sweet mind, but what it can do to things when you cook with it. Mmmmmmm gooey, creamy, decadent heaven. I swear it's a kinda magic when it gets cook. It elevates ingredients to a higher level, its indulgent and above all, it's just so. dam. good.

This is one of my all time favourite recipes. It is so easy and simple. Carbonara.

I can guarantee that you would usually have everything for this in the fridge or at least everything to make a version of it. (This recipe here is for 2 people)

The basics are:


To make it more delicious, add any of the below:

Cream (yesssss almost worth going to the shops to get a pot)
Cheddar (use this is if you don't have parmesan, makes it less of a carbonara and more of a cheesy pasta but ho hum)

Start by putting your pasta on to boil (if you want to add peas, add them just before the pasta is done so they cook in the water).

Next take your eggs, crack them into a bowl and add the cream 

Whisk together and make sure you season it. You know my feelings on salt. 

Fry up your bacon (or lardons as I have here). If have decided to add mushrooms, I would cook them in the pan with the bacon. 

Thats it. Thats literally the majority of the work. Thats is how simple this is, I may or may not have spent a lot of time at the pub before I came home and made this...

Turn off the hob and drain your pasta when it's cooked, then put it back in the pan.

 Put the bacon in the pan with the pasta and pour the egg/cream mixture over the pasta. Stir. 

The beauty of this is that the heat from the pasta cooks the egg and thickens the cream at the same time to get that really rich sauce. If you feel like you're not getting anywhere then turn the hob back on very very low. You need to warm this through really slowly otherwise you'll get scrambled eggs. 

At this point add your parmesan (or cheddar, I only had cheddar this time because when I went to the supermarket I was on the phone and therefore not concentrating remotely)

Et voila. Thats it. Divvy out into 2 bowls and chow down. 

Approximate making time 15 mins. Excellent after too much time at the pub. 

Please never buy a jar sauce again; they taste like shit, are expensive and I can guarantee you will get more out of the ingredients you buy. (Kelly, I'm looking at you) 

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