Friday, 30 May 2014

The Breakfast Club

If there is one thing I take very seriously, and I may have already mentioned perviously in my blog, it's brunch.

After a night of revelry Tilly Arione and I decided to head out to one place that could really cure us of all affliction and never fails to me a let down.

The Breakfast Club.

We pulled ourselves together and wandered through a sunny but ghostly quiet city to their Spitalfield branch, hidden on Artillery lane just opposite Liverpool Street station, and jumped in the queue with other brunch enthusiasts.

You can't book at any of their places but I can 100% assure you that the wait is worth it. 

The following photos are here to convince you. 

Our wait was up and we gladly threw ourselves into our pew and had a good snoop around the buzzy little place. It also harbours a few secrets.

At night there is a secret bar, hidden away through that Smeg fridge you can see. It leads to visiting the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town and underground secret speakeasy bar, but thats a story for another time. 

Back to brunch and anything you could ever want for is here. Its almost a tough choice. 

So naturally I went for 2 options. 

First things first and that was ordered up some of their life enriching Bloody Mary's 

A virgin mojito for Tilly who couldn't quite handle more booze just yet. 

After a debate Tilly opted for the Huevos Al Benny

A mexican eggs Benedict with avocado, chorizo topped with the poached egg and a paprika hollandaise. 

Arione kept it classic and went for Eggs Benedict 

After ummming and ahhhhing over everything I went for the french toast with cinnamon stewed apples but only...

If Tilly shared a small side of the monster stack of pancakes and bacon with me. Which luckily she happily did. 

Look at that beauty.

With lashing of extra maple syrup too of course.

Look at those 2 little hungry hands tucking in.

I'd say these 2 faces are ones of happy customers, fully rebooted by the brunch, glorious brunch.

Honestly the Breakfast Club never fails to come out on top. Yes the queue is slightly annoying especially with a hangover but its just so worth it once you get inside.  

My one complaint was that when we came to leave, it took us about 20 mins to be able to pay, which is just plain frustrating. 

Square Meal

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