Friday, 30 May 2014

The Joy of Alfresco

There is something I have been meaning to bring to your attention for a while. Thats if you haven't already seen them.

Its an organisation called Kerb and they are here to bring you the best in street food.

They set up in different locations and the street food vans that they have on their books rotate through the venues. 

It makes such a difference to lunch rather than munching down on that boring old sandwich you've had ever day from Pret. No offence to Pret, I love their sandwiches, but really its not a patch on the amazing and varied grub you can get from these guys. 

For example...

Thai green chicken meatballs from The Bowler...

Or belly pork buns from Yum Bun...

Even the classic and awesome burger from Bleecker St. Burger!

They have several different venues and each venue has a rotation of the vans. 

So for example you can find a selection of 5 vans under the Gherkin every Thursday from 12-2pm.

It really makes such a nice change from the boring lunches.  If I'm free I have a long standing date with the lovely Siena as she works next to this little patch of food heaven in the corporate world and we sit outside in the sun and gossip on her lunch hour. I often see that one person who's been sent out from the office to pick up supplies for everyone!

They are also at Southbank and Granary Square, Kings Cross and UCLU 

Head to the website to see the full list of sites and traders 

They quite often do food festivals which we popped down one weekend to at the Southbank Centre. 

 It was also just another reason to try lots of little bits like these incredible pork buns from Bao 

and Annie Mae's Mac and Cheese 

There were so many other things on offer that its just not humanly possible to try everything, even though we gave it a good go.

So have a look on the website. If you have twitter follow them @KERB_ for finding out what vans are going to be where and what events they are holding. 

I urge you to go out, hit the sunshine when it arrives and have a little al fresco meal at least once a week. Fresh air is good for the brain, no?

On the 19th of July they have the British Street Food awards in Granary Square and I highly intend to be there to eat everything. 

Who's with me?

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