Friday, 30 January 2015

Getting Our Sandwich On "WichThursdays

Some of my favourite people to follow on instagram are the chefs of the Duck and Waffle. Not only because it looks like one of the most fun kitchens to work in, but their food has me drooling every time. Only cementing my need to head up into the clouds for a no holds back feast. 

Maddie text me at the same time I saw Tom Cenci's (Head Chef) post of a pop-up he was doing along side Daniel Young, creator of Young and Foodish, so obviously we rounded up our troops and booked a slot asap. 

Daniel is a food critic who has worked all over the world. He has won awards for online writing and has written books, articles all to bring you guys the very latest on the best food. His pop-ups start with BurgerMondays, PizzaTuesday, SpagWednesday, WichThursday, FryFriday, and CoffeeSaturdays. As he informed up he now has Chefs asking to be apart of his pop-ups rather than the other day around. He brings all of this extraordinary food from various locations around London but with the concept being remarkable food in unremarkable places. 

This week, WichThursday was held in Andrews Cafe, Holborn, somewhere Daniel likes to use a lot as a venue. It is just a regular greasy spoon cafe on Grey's Inn Road, with huge chalk board menus covering the walls and simple wooden chairs, but this time with some pretty special chefs in the kitchen. 

Thats Chef Cenci in the middle there ^^

Maddie, Tilly, Cam and I rocked up not really knowing what to expect and where surprised when we reached the cafe. Well most of us where surprised, Cam had done his homework and knew what to expect. Nevertheless we slipped inside and into a table for 4. 

Daniel immediately appeared at our table with a welcoming smile and explained about the selection of drinks and how the evening would work. All round us people were at various stages of their 3 sandwich meal and we were eager to get stuck in. I had barely eaten all day in preparation and was subsequently starving. 

The first course arrived in front of us, an open flat bread sandwich or 'Aubergine Kebab' consisting of smokey, burnt aubergine, yoghurt, sumac, and sriracha. 

It was a seriously good opener. Heres a close up of the delicious square of goodness...

I honestly didn't want this to end. With the yoghurt mingling with the smokey aubergine and little hits of the spicy sriracha sauce to cut through it all with the delightfully warm chewy flat bread underneath. 

I can't say this even touched the sides and with the plates swiftly removed we waited in anticipation for sandwich number too and surveyed our surroundings. 

Then it arrived, meltingly soft, slow cooked spiced lamb, piled high with a truffled slaw sandwiched between 2 grilled slices of sourdough toast that had been smothered with a grape husk mustard. 

Each bite made you mmmmmmm through it. 

It didnt stop there. Lying by the side of the sandwiches were 'corn pops'. I took a bite before I was told what it was and the flavour surprise in my mouth was a delight. Corn in the cobs, rubbed in a jerk mayonnaise and then rolled in toasted coconut. Oh. My. God. 

Corn on the cob will never be the same again. And I don't even like coconut.

Daniel came over as we were silenced by the food in front of us and greedily licking our fingers to make sure we didn't miss anything. 

He chatted to us about putting the evening together and the different pop-ups he did. After that night and following him on Instagram.  I honestly want to go to them all. Especially the pizza ones, and the pasta ones, and the burgers.... 

If you want to drool over his evenings, or want to go to them, follow him @youngandfoodish on 
insta, or like his Facebook page or just head to the website

If you like food, its a must, and a very different evening too! 

Just as you thought it was all over, dessert rolled in. 

A chocolate mousse with drunken cherry's running through it, smooshed between a gloriously chewy yet crisp pistachio macaroon. 

Sadly this defeated me, but Tilly, knowing me oh so well, was waiting in the wings like a starved dessert vulture and swept in the moment my spoon paused. 

After all, we didn't want the chefs to think we didnt' like it, I mean really, she was taking one for the team. 

I can't say all of these photos are mine, there was a wonderful photographer lurking round taking pictures of it all. Chris Coulson has kindly allowed me to pinch some of his, as he's much better at this photography lark than I am with my smashed up, long suffering iPhone. 

Have a sneak peak at his flickr here:  
to see more of his photos of the evening and other foodie delights he's been around! 

This was such a good evening and so nice to even chat to the lovely Chef Tom at the end. Im hoping eventually I'll get my evening up in the sky to see them in their true habitat!! 

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