Thursday, 22 January 2015

SMACK, Lobster Deli, Mayfair

When you think of lobster, certain words spring to mind like decadent, treat and mostly expensive. Recently there has been a surge in bringing types of produce that were usually reserved for high end restaurants, to the masses.

We now have places offering these fine ingredients for a fraction of the cost that one would perhaps expect them to be. They are also served with an entirely different attitude. Burger and Lobster appeared with their £20 offering back in 2011 and no booking policy. Bubbledogs burst onto the scene with their pairing of the humble hog dog in the midst of a champagne bar. It brings mighty ingredients down off the high shelf for all to access.

For someone such as myself who doesn't exactly have the worlds biggest budget (I know I could have fooled you and anyone who's knows my restaurant habits) I fully endorse these ideas and I don't feel like the noble lobster is treated with any less respect.

The guys behind Burger and Lobster are back with a bang. Smack is their latest tasty offering nestled down Binney Street, a small side street between Bond Street tube and Selfridges. Its a simple concept, lobster rolls take out or eat in.

The decor is also as simple, a room upstairs for those munching quickly on the run. 

Venture downstairs for an atmosphere that invites you to spend more time eating, though the bar stool and wooden counter furniture is still the same.

Murals of mermaids watch you eat and you can see a craft beer brewery stand in the corner. Again simple but fun and with a cave like atmosphere.

On to the most important part. The food. 

The menu is as simple as the concept which was wonderful for indecisive eaters such as Tilly and myself. We were confronted with the large menu board as we ducked in from the pouring rain on a grey January Tuesday. 

Nothing really says sunshine like lobster so it seemed the perfect escape. 
There are just 4 rolls on the menu: 

japanese mayo, fish sauce, coriander, shredded napa cabbage, bean sprouts 
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado mayo with lime, chives 
smoked chipotle mayo, peppers, corn, JalapeƱos, White Cabbage
japanese mayo, japanese cabbage, cucumber, pickled ginger, spring onions, togarashi spice

As well as 2 sides of courgette fries and lobster chowder and you can either order a pot of whole lobster taken out of his shell or go nuts with the whole lobster, shell and all if you feel like working for your lunch.  

The Seven Samurai's reputation preceded itself so I opted for that one whilst Tilly plumped for the Mexican. We then split a portion of courgette fries and a pot of shelled lobster.  

We were given our plastic cups to fill up with water and our buzzer to let us know when the food was ready. 

We settled ourselves in a window seat upstairs and before Tilly even had time to go to the loo our buzzer was yelling at us our food was ready. 

Now that, was fast food. 

I brought back our tray and we surveyed our feast. 

Pretty as a picture. Tasted as good too. 

Super soft buttery brioche that was toasted to give a crisp outside, stuffed to the brim with its various fillings. 

The Seven Samurai lived up to all expectations with the crunch of the cucumber and spring onions against the lobster all smothered in delicious Japanese mayo. I really never wanted it to end. 

Tilly's Mexican also fit the bill, with a definite kick to it! Though once some finger stirring had occurred it was much more manageable. Those jalapeƱos needed to be mixed in! 

Intermixed our bites of roll with chunks of lobster dunked in lemon mayo there wasn't much talking as we just mmmmm at each other and looked out at the rain.

The courgette fries we a huge hit too

Another money shot for you

We went for an early lunch but the place soon started to fill up around us once the office lunch times kicked in, the food came so fast that I can't imagine there would ever be a long wait, though please don't take me for gospel on that. 
It all seems a bit decadent for a Tuesday afternoon lunch but it really wasn't. It had exactly the same feel as ducking in for super fast bite and at minimal cost, and we didn't feel weighed down with food either. Its the worst having to carry one with your day when all you need is a nap.... 

I would recommend anyone to head here for a bite, obviously not the place for a long dinner but sometimes you just need a little bit of sunshine on a rainy day to perk yourself up and its more than enough to appeal to anyones indulgent side!   

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