Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Glorious Saturday of Chocolate Heaven

Dear all,

I apologise sincerely for my absence. Last week I actually had a lot of work, which made a change. I haven't worked a full week in an awfully long time and it rather took it out of me... Haha. Then again I was getting up at 6.30; do you know it's incredible how many people are awake at that time of the morning? I never knew. It was like a whole new world.

Anyway, I digress, back to the blog.

Not last weekend but the weekend before, my little weekend buddy Tilly (again not the dog, the human) was once again back in my company. We decided to make the most of our Saturday and do something productive. After expressing our outrage at the price of the cinema these days like the old women we are, Tilly remembered she had seen an advert for a chocolate show on the tube. After double checking we had the right day we were sold. Up we got and trotted along to Olympia to see Salon du Chocolat.

Now I didn't really know what to expect from a chocolate show, but our suspicions were right. It was lots and lots of chocolate and lots and lots of free samples to go along with that. Excellent, a great way to spend a Saturday.

There were so many stalls offering up all sorts of goodies and displaying their wares. From macaroons to chocolate spreads, marshmallows and chocolate sculpture.

Everything so displayed so beautifully and temptingly. We scavenged for the freebies as much as possibly and ate some rather fantastic flavours along the way.

Some delicious.

Others not so. I can tell you now, green tea chocolate does not float my boat at all! I was like a dog being fed a worming tablet.

I was so amazed at some of the work there. There were the big well known brands like Lindt and Hotel Chocolat and then some really small companies that just work out of their own kitchens, like Toot Sweet. Toot Sweet was great, I loved her packaging! A lot of her things would make excellent christmas presents and she delivers from her website!! Find her here -

I also ate a lot of dark chocolate, like the 100% cocoa stuff that I didn't really know existed. As we were stood getting a little giggly at one of the stands, the lady asked if we had eaten a lot of it. As we said yes she then explained the slightly euphoric effects. After this piece of information we backed away from the free sample and headed over to the open kitchens and the cooking displays.

This is Iain Burnett of Highland Chocolatier. He has been working on his signature 'Velvet Truffle' for about 15 years. Every time the cows eat a grass at a different time of year their cream changes, which then changes the final truffle. I had no idea chocolate was so delicate. They handed round free samples so we got to try his life's work. A very very worthy thing to dedicate your life to I think!

There was some fantastic chocolate sculptures as well as some chocolate fashion.

Aren't these little guys too sweet! (pun intended)

The show wasn't large but we managed to spend a good few hours there perusing everything, trying everything and just marvelling at how amazing somethings were. I would say they looked to good to eat but I'd be lying... 

These Fudge Men were a right laugh as well as having excellent fudge! 

I'd highly recommend this as a day out when it returns again. There is so much to do, even for kids! Its on for 3 days with various master chocolatiers and classes going on. There is even a section for the kids to try their hand at their own chocolate work. Tilly and I would have gone and joined them but I think it would have been frowned upon so next time we shall steal a child to take with us! 

Thanks for a great day out! 

Check the website for a full list of exhibitors and dates of the other shows! 

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