Thursday, 7 November 2013

Flesh and Buns, Covent Garden

Maddie and I lead incredible busy lives so we hardly ever get to see each other.... (haha, yeaaaah or not)

So we took ourselves off for a housemate dinner. I can literally find any excuse to go for dinner.

Having been to BoneDaddies Ramen Bar and found it exceptionally good (Wagamamas who?) I suggested we try out its new sister restaurant in Covent Garden, Flesh and Buns. It did not disappoint.

Its the first restaurant in London to specialise in hirata buns (DIY filled steamed buns). The restaurant has a simple lay out that reflects the Japanese cuisine and a drinks menu chockablock with saki. We opted for some wine instead. 

A super friendly waitress bounded over to help us out with the menu. There are 3 different starter sections with both hot and cold options. There's plenty of seafood and meaty options and quite frankly I could have eaten it all. She suggested 3 starters and a main to share. We opted for 2 starters and 2 mains with 2 buns each (you have to ordered this separately which I felt was a little mean, perhaps give you a free one to kick off with and the rest you pay for?). I felt this was a good choice however I would like to try some more of those tasty looking starters! 

To kick off we had crispy squid and a seafood ceviche. 

The squid was exceptional. So super crunchy in an excellent batter that had a little kicked to it and worked really well smothered in lime. 

The ceviche was equally as good, the perfect mix of sharp and sour with lovely little morsels of fish and pickled veg, though I would have liked to have seen some more seafood in it. 

Having picked our way to the bottom of the bowls, they were whisked away and the first of our mains was placed in front of us, a crispy piglet belly. 

As soon as it was shredded it was time to dive in and create glorious mouthfuls wrapped in a steaming bun thats as soft as a pillow. 

It was a bit like making duck pancakes but so so much better! Each dish is accompanied by some greens and a sauce that matches the meat so well. You can tell this has been well thought out. 

We made light work of our little piggy just in time for our crispy duck leg to arrive....

The process was repeated with much joy and we even ordered another bun each so not a scrap was left.

I've heard about the dessert here. Make your own smores, you get your own campfire and everything!  Unfortunately we were stuffed so we couldn't bring ourselves to order them even though everyone else was. I managed to take a quick snap of the people behind us as their campfire arrived! It does look pretty impressive! 

I guess I'll just have to go back again! 

Its a pretty big sized space with large tables round the outside that could hold at least 10 people. They even have a party sharing flesh section and its such a fun way to share a meal! Who's having a birthday soon people! 

Unlike BoneDaddies you can actually book here which is good. I highly recommend a trip! 

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