Monday, 18 November 2013

A Porky Sort of Stroganoff

Im sorry I have not been with you again for a bit but I have been once again packing up my wares and trekking across London.

This is cause for great celebration as I have unpacked all my boxes and thrown them away and I no longer have to root around in a floordrobe for clothes. Its rather marvellous. Never underestimate the power of an actual wardrobe.

Due to the move I headed back to Dorset to collect my kitchen ware. I decided it was high time for a new blog post so I whipped up one of my all time favourites for the rents on Thursday night.

You may or not have noticed a theme in my everyday cooking and this recipe is no different. Its quick, easy and adaptable to ingredients you do or don't have in your fridge. Thats why its a sort of stroganoff, no rules here.

This recipe would feed 4 people easily.

You will need:

 1 Onion
2 cloves of Garlic 
Creme Fraiche (I think this was a 200ml pot and low fat) 
Pork Steaks 
Dijon Mustard
Wholegrain Mustard 
Powered English Mustard

I have used pork steaks as I love them but I've made this with chicken, beef or even left over roast beef. Use what you fancy. You also don't have to include all the mustards, or the peas or mushrooms but do try and get some veg in there. It just makes it a little more interesting. 

So, we begin. Dice your onions and garlic in that clever way I told you in the previous post and chuck then in a deep pan (I use a wok) and start to cook off. 

Another onion trick I forgot to tell you last time was that if you throw some salt in with the onions now, its stops them burning as the salt makes all the water leak out of the onions and helps them to sweat better in the pan.

Next slice your pork into reasonable sized strips and once the onions have softened throw these in the pan too.

Whilst the pork is sealing, slice your mushrooms into slices. Once the pork has sealed scoop everything out of the pan into a ready and waiting bowl.

 Now its the mushrooms turn. I have used 2 different types of mushrooms because thats what we had.

The reason I've suggested removing the pork and onion mix is because you need a chance for the mushrooms to brown and cook off. They contain a lot of water so this gives it a chance to evaporate rather than making everything super soggy. 

Once the mushrooms seem reasonably cooked put the pork and onions back into the pan. 

All the hard work is over now and your on the final stretch. Add the creme fraiche to start your sauce. 

Next the mustards. A big teaspoon of wholegrain and dijon went in to this mix. Usually I add powdered english mustard but as we didn't have any, I couldn't. 

Now you should start to have a decent, tangy sauce. Make sure you season and taste as you go! 

For those that aren't mustard fans I suggest you still keep the wholegrain mustard in it. Its quite a sweet mustard and will round out the whole dish a little more. 

I always serve this with rice so whack on the rice!

Just as you think you're done, throw some frozen peas in and give it a good stir. By now the pork should be cooked so you just need the peas to defrost in the hot sauce. 

We had some leeks in the fridge that needed eating so I sweated these off in some butter to have on the side.

Thats it. All done. So so quick and simple. 

It is certainly not the prettiest looking plate at the party but its a hit every time! 

Let me know what variations you come up with!! 

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