Monday, 24 February 2014

A Pie with a Differnce

The pie. One of the greatest things ever. I defy anyone to not love pie. 

There are so many different types and fillings that there really is a pie for everyone. However, I feel pies can be considered a naughty food. Probably because of all the lovely, buttery pastry and usually had with a big dollop of creamy mash... 

This is a pie that you don't have to feel guilty about. This is a pie you can woof down without another thought. It's just as tasty too.

The top is rosti, which is essentially grated potato and it goes amazingly crispy in the oven. Due to the potato on top you don't have the mash with it. I promise you wont miss it. Unless all you really wanted mash, then you will miss it.  The filling is also made with half fat creme fraiche, which I'll admit isn't the best thing for you, but its half fat so lets just run with it shall we?

So for this little beauty you will need: 
125g tenderstem broccoli (about 1 pack)
1 onion, thinly sliced
1 tbsp wholegrain mustard
300g half fat creme fraiche 
4 chicken breasts in chunks (I would actually recommend boned chicken thighs, they stay juicer but the chicken breasts were on offer...)
7g fresh tarragon (about half a bunch)
2x 400g pack of rosti 

So you could make your own rosti if you wanted, it is just grated potato, but this is far easier, sneaky I know... sorry. 

So start by pre heating your oven to 190degrees.

Then its time to blanche the broccoli. Blanching means you plunge chosen veg into boiling water for about 30 seconds so your starting the cooking process but then when you take it out and run it under cold water, or put it in iced water, you stop the cooking process. It stops vegetables from overcooking in the pie. It is also a good way to speed up the cooking of vegetables if you were doing prep for a dinner party. It means that when you cook them fresh, it wont take so long! There's a sneaky cheat for  you.

So blanche, drain and run under water. 

Next chunk up your chicken. Up to you how big or small you would like the pieces. 

Once you've sliced your onions chuck them in the pan to fry with a dribble of oil. Keep your heat low though, we don't want burnt onions!

Next mix the creme fraiche and the mustard. Give it a little season with some salt and pepper.

Mix this into the onions.

Pick the tarragon leaves off the stalks and just roughly chop it. Don't go to town on this as its a delicate herb and you'll just ended up bruising it and leaving most of the flavour on the chopping board.

Add the chicken to the sauce and the onions. I know its all raw and not sealed but it doesn't matter and it wont kill you, I promise. 

and then add in the broccoli and tarragon.

Once this is all nicely mixed and everything is well coated in the sauce, choose a suitable pie dish. Mine's a lovely starry one from Emma Bridgewater. Swanky.

Now take the rosti out of the packet and simply crumble it over the top. 

Et voila. How simple is that?

Now throw it in the oven for about 25 mins and then it comes out all golden and crispy like so....

Tell me that doesn't look good. I promise there is enough potato there, it's not mash but its still darn good!

Serve up with cabbage and peas. So much green in that meal. 

I told you you wouldn't feel bad about it!!

This took barely any time at all to knock up and if you had 2 people doing this together it would be even faster. Arione and I just sat and watched Maddie and drank wine but it was still done super quick! There are no excuses to not make home cooked food and if you are sharing with housemates or friends it is even cheaper! 

With this recipe because it has the potato topping and broccoli in the mix you wouldn't even need to have any extras which makes this even cheaper!

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