Thursday, 13 February 2014

Jackson and Rye, Soho

Look out kids, there's a new diner in town.

This one is pretty swanky too.

I can't remember where I heard about Jackson & Rye but I knew, when I looked at the menu, that I wanted and needed to go.

Monday did not get off to a good start and just as I was about to overdose on chocolate cake to rid myself of all troubles, I got a text from my favourite boy who has been kicking around lot lately.

Ben to the rescue, he was in London again. The boy just can't get enough off the place. Not that I blame him.

He told me to get off my arse, leave the cake alone and get into Central London. As I looked longingly at the cake and my sofa, he said the magic words. "I might even treat you to lunch"


We met in Soho and wandered around as we swapped war stories of our weekends.

Finally it was time to decide where we wanted to eat. I suggested Pitt Cue. A firm little favourite of mine, but we decided it was perhaps too heavy. Next on the list was Honest Burger. Not something I particularly had a hunkering for. The I remembered Jackson & Rye.

We wandered over to Wardour Street and at a quick glance of the menu Ben was convinced.

We ducked into a fairly small room that had a fair few people in it considering it was pretty early Monday morning. Both big and small tables and a lovely bar along one wall.

It was a really cosy feel. I popped off to the loo and was delighted to discover how big the place was. There was another room behind the bar, with similar saloon sort of feel to it. 

Downstairs there was another room with its own bar!

This is certainly the place you could get a load of people together for some good cocktails and food! 

Attention to detail has been paid everywhere and the old American feel of the place runs throughout, right down to the toilets! I like that in a place. Jackson & Rye means business. 

We got down to perusing the menu, they have a wide selection of things on offer. A lighter bar menu to the bigger mains and a grill section. They have all sorts of sides and extras and, as you would expect, its all very american. I wanted to eat everything. 

I opted for the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich (for obvious reasons) and after much debating Ben plumped for Steak and Eggs. 

We decided that we should probably get the Truffled Mac & Cheese to share as well.

Ohhhhhhhhh it was a beautiful feast. 

My chicken was amazing, the batter was incredible. Super light and crispy covering a really moist chicken breast. Oh lord it was good. 

Heres a close up. 

I wrapped it up in the soft brioche bun and gave it an even coating of the spicy slaw. 

Now that was a sandwich. 

Ben steak had a great flavour for a flat ironed piece of rump and the eggs were dreamy. 

Those little shoestring fries were super tasty too. I may have pinched one or several. 

Finally on to the star of the show.

The truffled bowl of cheesy goodness in the middle of us. 

It. Was. Just. So. Good. 

If you don't like truffles you wouldn't like this but I could have easily eaten about 7 of them or even just be put in a bath and told to eat my way out. It looks like there isn't much sauce but thats because its all underneath with lovely crispy breadcrumbs on top. 

My only tiny niggle was that we had a slightly over keen waiter but that is never going to stop me returning! 

We left very contented and continued our wanderings around Central. 

I can't wait to go back, sample some more of the menu and get cracking on the cocktails. When, not if, I go back, Ill let y'all know what its like in the evening. If anyone gets there before me, I'd love to hear about it! 

Find them here -

They are open all day and do brunch too!

Square Meal

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