Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Recipe in Breif

Continuing my theme of easy, fast suppers I couldn't not share this with you.

It is so easy and simple that I don't even have photos to go with it. In fact I didn't even consider it to be blog worthy until I took that first delicious mouthful because if Im honest I made it up with what I had.

Have I convinced you to read on??

There is a distinct lack of photos here which you will have to excuse. Use that imagination of yours!

Let me help you to elevate the humble pork chop with 2 simple ingredients.

So, discounting accompaniments, you will need:

One (or 2) Fat Juicy Pork Chop
1 Lime
Thyme (dried will be fine)

Rub your chop with a tiny bit of oil and then cover in thyme and a crack of black pepper.

Get a large (preferable heavy based) frying pan and once it is nice and hot, chuck in your chop.

Get this browned and sealed on each side, keep turning it over and over. After about 5 mins turn down your heat and squeeze your lime all over it. Now sit back and wait.

The sugars in the lime will start to caramelise and go sticky. Don't forget to turn your chop to make sure its all coated in the glorious goo.

To check your pork is cooked, just go ahead and cut into it. I reckon it needs about 15 mins in the pan from start to finish maybe less. Contrary to poplar belief pork can be ever so slightly pink, no need to cook it to death people!

In the meantime whip up some desired accompaniments. I chose broccoli and mash as worthy sidekicks.

Thats it. The perfect Sunday night dinner. For a fraction of the price and time it takes for a takeout.

May your chops never be boring again. 

(Glass of wine obligatory)

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