Monday, 10 March 2014

Homeslice, Neal's Yard - Seven Dials

I think we have possibly eaten the best pizza in town.

I am aware that is an incredibly bold statement to make, especially as I haven't eaten all the pizza in London. I try, I really try to eat all the pizza to give you accurate results but I'm telling you, this is pretty god-dam good.

Let me introduce you, if you don't already know them, to Homeslice.

They aren't the new kids on the block so much these days, opening in May last year, I'm almost a year late to the fan club. In fact, Homeslice are even older than a year as they were a street food van before that selling their wares round the East End. They have found a permanent home in Neal's Yard, Seven Dials (near covent garden) and I have finally gotten around to going to visit them.

If I knew how good it was going to be I would have made the effort to be there much, much sooner.

It was Lucy and Harri's birthdays not even a week apart and so we gathered for a dinner in their honour. The restaurant decision was left up to me and knowing what pizza fans my girls are, I quickly jumped to tell them we were going here.

It certainly didn't disappoint.

Everyone else managed to get there on time but I accidentally led Arione and myself on a merry dance in many circles round Covent Garden. My internal sat nav was well and truly bust. Arione eventually took charge and we arrived to find everyone gathered outside patiently waiting for us.

As with most of these small independent places, you can't book a table and they wont seat you until all of your party has arrived. Luckily a table became available just as we rocked up so we sat down almost straight away.

It is very simply decorated place with long wooden tables in the middle and tables down the side with the big wood-fired oven on display on the other.

We were sat round the corner but I imagine you would be able to see the pizza makers (yes that's a technical term) in action from the centre. 

We squeezed round our tiny table and sat contemplating the menu. There was lots to contemplate as these are no ordinary pizza toppings. 

(Apologies for the awful photo)

The top 3 toppings come in either a slice or a whole pizza and then the rest you just get on a whole pizza. It is one heck of a pizza at 20 inches!! You can get half and half so we opted for 2 pizzas with 4 different flavours to get as much variety as possible. 

What is also fantastic about this is that because the pizzas are made to order we could get one half without cheese for Maddie. The rest of the pizza is so good it wasn't missed, I promise! 

Whilst debating pizza toppings we got the drinks in. All the wine is served in magnums and you just drink as much as you want. They measure it at the end and then charge you for what you have drunk. To be honest this could be a very dangerous way of doing things.

The bottles are huge, its a two handed pouring job for sure! 

As Arione dolled out the wine, look at that concentration, we ordered the pizzas. Our table was so small only one pizza would fit on it at a time, so we had 2 rounds of giant pizzas! 

Whilst we waited it was time for presents!! 

Lucy was first

We got together with her housemates and brought her 'diving with the sharks' at the London Aquarium!! 

I think that face says it all

Next up was Harri

A leather saddlebag from Vida Vida on Not On The High Street.

My favourite website for presents! If you haven't already, go and check them out. 

Then the first pizza arrived...

This was half rocket and salami with no cheese for Maddie and half lamb shoulder, ricotta and watercress. 

This was demolished pretty dam quickly. Such good pizza. The lamb was really quite a surprise topping! They cook it on site in the oven. 

The tomato sauce is so fresh and the pizza dough had just the right about of crisp and squidge. 

There was a moment of silence as we tucked it. Arione just didn't know what to go for first.

The second pizza quickly swept it's way in once the first was gone. 

This was also swiftly attacked 

This was half queen scallop, pancetta and wild garlic and half Lincolnshire Poacher and little spicy bell chillies. 

Soon all we were left with was a empty board 

and a pile of bottles... 

After all that food and wine our bill was a respectable £18 each. 

A total bargin I feel for the quality of the food that we received. The waitress was so lovely and the atmosphere was of everyone enjoying themselves. 

I spent a lot of time looking round at the other pizzas in envy wishing I could get another.  

I can't wait to go back to Homeslice and I certainly shan't be leaving it long at all!! 

Check out there website here:  

Square Meal

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