Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Big Easy, Covent Garden

As I mentioned in the previous post it was Maddie's birthday. As it was a big one the celebrations started on the Thursday and carried all the way through to the monster hangover on Sunday. 

Thursday was the official big day so we popped to the American Bar at the Savoy for a glass or two of champagne to celebrate. 

We then crossed the road to an old friend in a new spot. The Big Easy, a Kings Road staple, has finally opened a new set of doors in Covent Garden. 

Walking in, its clearly a much bigger space than its Chelsea sister but the atmosphere and decor is very similar 

I particularly loved the bar with its endless bottles

The even had a sink out to wash your buttery, lobster covered mits in

We grabbed a drink at the bar as we waited for our table. Strawberry Daiquiris with cinnamon sprinkles. Those faces say it all really.

We were lead down stairs to an even larger area where a band was playing and there was that wonderful noise of many chattering friends.

We were presented with the menus and descended into silence as we contemplated the options...

They had some really fantastic specials on and three of us just couldn't resist the sirloin steak with half a lobster, chips and garlic butter AND a strawberry daiquiri for £20 (Thursdays only)

Talk about a deal. Lucy and Arione clinked their glasses in approval! 

Three of those promptly arrived at our table 

along with Maddie's huge platter of all things MEAT

Ribs, brisket and pulled pork with a selection of sauces.

I couldn't resist adding a side portion of mac and cheese, because well, its mac and cheese. I don't feel it needs any further explanation 

With a fully loaded table we got stuck in.

All of our steaks were perfect and Maddie couldn't find fault with the platter. I did nick a rib and I can confirm they were nice and ribby.

It was classic Big Easy and all very delicious. 

I'm very pleased they have opened a new spot as the other restaurant is always so booked up! I shall certainly be back to hit up some more of their weekday deals!! 

The new place is going to be just as busy as the old, so I would always recommend booking. Head to their website

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