Thursday, 6 March 2014

Same Base, New Dish. Chicken, Lemon and Mint Risotto.

This is another meal that I didn't intend to blog about. Mainly because I was making it up as I went with things from our fridge, but also because I wasn't entirely convinced it would turn out ok. 

I warned Arione as we sat down to eat that this may be slightly questionable dish. After the first bites we both totally agreed it was marvellous and a great change from our usual risottos. 

I have already blogged about risotto on a previous post here -

It is exactly the same recipe for a basic risotto base, then you just change up the end for a different result. 

This risotto is also dairy free for those non cheese eaters amongst you and incredibly simple! 

For this risotto you will need: 
1 Lemon
A small bunch of fresh mint 
Risotto rice
Stock (I used vegetable this time instead of my usual porcini) 

Following the previous recipe up until I say stop, which is once the stock is added to the rice. 

Whilst your rice is cooking in the stock, poach some chicken. Grab a saucepan, fill it with boiling water and a chicken stock cube. Slice your chicken into bite-sized slivers and when the water is boiling, drop them in. Now turn off the heat and let it sit until the chicken is cooked. This takes no time at all! Drain as soon as it is done. 

When your rice is practically ready, add your peas, mint and lemon juice. Give them all a good stir and wait for the peas to cook. Make sure you season! Nobody wants a bland risotto. 

Once your peas are done, add the chicken slices, check the taste adding more salt and pepper or lemon as needed.

Thats it. All done. A lighter risotto that tastes a bit like summer.

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