Sunday, 30 March 2014

Old Town Dubai

I guess if anyone thinks of Dubai you think of all the incredible high-rises and the skyscrapers, well thats at least what I had in my mind. This is obviously fairly silly as nothing is that new, having said that it was still a nice surprise when we are took a trip down to the old souk where Charlie had had to pause our fun to work for a day.

It was such a different atmosphere to the busy hustle and bustle from the rest of the city. 

We wandered through the souk stopping to smell the spices 

and recline

before we ducked into a cool courtyard for a spot of lunch

A really sweet little cafe where Fran, Charlie's mum, told us we just had to have one of their fresh lime and lemonade drinks.

It was exactly what we need after the heat. Though Tilly and I decided it would be even better with a little rum in it...

I loved the menus

We ordered up some halloumi and roasted vegetable wraps served with big hunks of watermelon and sipped on our drinks 

After lunch we wandered to a favourite art gallery of Fran's, the Majlis Gallery 

 which was filled with beautiful mango wood furniture and paintings.

Again situated in a leafy little courtyard

Just as we were leaving Charlie phoned to say he was all finished in the office so we jumped out of the car to go meet him and go for a little boat ride down the creek.

It was a good way to see the contrast of the old and new Dubai 

After this incredible busy day we decided it was high time to head back home to the pool and a glass of icy cold rose.

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